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This Forum is intended to replace Instagram.

AnonChan has a no profile-system, because Anonymous doesn't need dividing profiles.

We don't want advertisment here and we are a non-profit website.

This website uses COOKIES, to remember the changing of the Theme.

You are recommended to use a VPN on this website.

This website uses JAVASCRIPT. I'm not sure, if this website will work without javascript.

For Space reasons, some of the chat will be deleted.

This may be temporary or permenant

Note to self: ADD SFW Theme (Which looks like a coding forum)

Please Report any bugs immediately here:

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This is the "added" unofficial creed by AnonChan/Anonymous.

Add a YT Vid with characters after watch?v= 'HLbraBQ9RTE'


[vid] HLbraBQ9RTE[/vid]

For Links:

[url] [/url]

For TFW Text:

[gr] TFW you write green text [/gr]

As said before, it's your choice, if you want to be a respected anon, or not.


If you like good people you like anon, if you talk about good people you are referring to anon


Anon never uses the mask for profit anon without anonimity isn't a anon


When anon ends a relationship he is not entitled to leaking their information


Anon is aware that the young audiences and the foreign audiences aren't taking the core principles seriously. It is his mission to teach them to


Anon knows: that when he blames anonymous for something he is to blame because he didn't give his best


Anon teaches anonymity to the uninformed so they can protect their privacy


Anon praises nothing above him except truth and justice


Anon is aware that some quotes are not true and are here to deceive


Anon knows: Reposting isn't the core purpose of Anonymous


Truth knows: it is above every anon and every human being


Anon knows: Reposting isn't the core purpose of Anonymous


The main super powers of anonymous are anonymity unity immortality

Not followers and likes


Anon does not claim things. without evidence


Anon helps when ever he can, except for selfish intentions


Anon never supports exploitation


Anon does not use physical violence except for self defense


Anon doesn't support any kind of hierachy


Anon doesn't care about likes, followers, or comforting people with lies


Anon admits always when he's wrong.


It is common sense that Anon doesn't gain fame or money through the mask. Because that would make him a selfish person, which mind is clearly still a slave of the system.

We are Anonymous

We are Legion

We do not Forgive

We do not Forget

Expect Us

Firstly I am speaking on the behalf of anonymous. Being "accepted" is meant to mean: 'you get my respect and I might support you If I have time'

Secondly our goal is a strong and powerful anonymous. (I am basically trying to do what stalin did with the soviet union)

-Make it a super power

-Make it respected

(And some of my own ideas like:

Make everyone anonymous.(On this forum this is the case Anonymous said: )

Mobilizing Anonymous

Making it leaderless

Improving this platform.

And teaching new ones, the true way of being a anon.



You show anonymous respect, and anonymous will respect to you, (unless you leak your face or stuff like that. Read the few quotes made)


Figure out yourself how to learn HTML and coding in general.

I am here to help. But I don't have a lot of time. There is plenty of information on the internet. [For instance W3schools or HTML seminar]


If you act like a 12 year old kid saying "ur" and shit, You won't be taken serious by a LOT of people.

(Talking with proper grammar is quite important. )

And I know, I make mistakes too. If you find someone making a mistake, correct them and tell them how it's done. //The image of

anonymous is

a huge deal// 4.

Don't message me "HACK THIS FACEBOOK FOR ME"

I genuinely can't hack a Facebook account.

There are ways to get the victims password.

(Maybe phishing, keyloggers and more)


I will write all of these quotes down and post them as the "Unofficial added creed" or "the cold creed"

Or something

"AnonChans Creed"

I want you to read it and follow these "rules". I know i don't rule/Own anonymous, But i'm here to improve it, and improvement must come now.


No hierachy, no leaders, no sectors.

On the forum you have one name, ANONYMOUS!

And you are highly suggested to stick to this name.

You should also look into privacy.

My friend @swinglishinnovation did a youtube video about privacy.

He's a bit slow, because he's helping me sometimes with some stuff.

That's all.

Idk what to put here besides the hashtags

Faggery, Daggery, Doo